FPD-Link™ IV: Exciting News in Automotive Electronics!

FPD-Link™ IV: Exciting News in Automotive Electronics!

Texas Instruments has introduced the latest in automotive electronics innovation with their FPD-Link IV serializers and deserializers! These cutting-edge components offer unparalleled performance and reliability, catering specifically to the demanding requirements of automotive applications.

Key features of TI’s FPD-Link IV include:

– High-speed data transmission for real-time video and data communication
– Robust design for automotive environments, ensuring durability and longevity
– Advanced features for enhanced system integration and flexibility
– Comprehensive support and resources for seamless implementation.

At Alfamation, we’re committed to providing top-of-the-line test equipment solutions for automotive electronics, and we’re excited to see how TI’s FPD-Link IV technology will elevate the industry standard. And to enable your automotive electronics test applications that leverage the new FPD-Link IV serializers, we’re thrilled to announce our new Flexmedia XM FPD-Link™ IV Multimedia Stream Real-Time analyzers, FPDL4RC1 and FPDL4RD1!

They are equipped with TI DS90UH984 deserializer and are able to receive a single or dual-link FPD-Link IV multimedia serial input over coaxial or (dual) twisted pair respectively. These new modules are based on the new Quad-Size format, that takes four “single-slot” module size, for enhanced thermal management and higher density future developments.

And don’t miss the new modular rack that we created, to mix and match modules according to your needs, accommodating modules with different sizes all in one solution.

rack quadmodule image      FPDL4RC1 module image