SPDIFTX1 | S/PDIF Generator

  • Coaxial & Optical Link Digital Audio Generator
  • Internal standard sine, white and pink noise
  • Analog Audio input to S/PDIF real-time conversion
  • Standardized in IEC 60958 type II, EIAJ CP1201, AES3id, S/PDIF
  • 20-24bit Audio resolution
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Control Interface
SKU: 60021133994


The Flexmedia XM SPDIFTX1 module is specifically designed to generate S/PDIF digital audio over TOSLINK and digital RCA interface.

The SPDIFTX1 module is ideally suited for test applications in the automotive industry:

  • Audio & Infotainment Devices for Automotive
  • Consumer & professional Audio equipment

control interfaces tab_only cli and c#

*Please note that the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is meant to have a quick hands-on experience of Flexmedia XM module main functions. Full chipset functionality access is guaranteed through Command Line Interface (CLI) programming as well as specific embedded scripting.