RACK1U16 | 1U Rack Mount 16 Modules Holder

  • Rugged industrial design
  • Aluminium structure
  • 19” 1-unit rack holder
  • Aluminium telescopic sleigh guides
  • Up to 16 Flexmedia XM modules
  • Single lock system for each Flexmedia XM module
  • Front panels plexiglass protection
  • Rear Ethernet cables lock system
SKU: 60091134565


The Flexmedia XM RACK1U16 is a 19” 1-unit rack holder fitting up to 16 Flexmedia XM modules.

A Power-over-Ethernet switch in the same 1-unit size can be provided to power and communicate with all the Flexmedia XM modules within the rack.

The rack can be configured with different modules and easily upgraded by replacing each Flexmedia XM module according to your specific testing requirements.