RACK1U10 | 1U Rack Mount 2 Quad-XM + 8 XM Modules Holder

  • Rugged industrial design
  • Aluminium structure
  • 19” 1-unit rack holder
  • Aluminium telescopic sleigh guides
  • Up to 8 Flexmedia XM modules
  • Up to 2 Flexmedia Quad-XM modules
  • Multi-depth dual lock system for each Flexmedia Quad-XM module
  • Front panels plexiglass protection
  • Rear Ethernet cables lock system
SKU: 60091134844


The Flexmedia XM RACK1U10 is a 19” 1-unit rack holder fitting up to 2 Flexmedia Quad-XM and 8 XM modules.

A Power-over-Ethernet switch in the same 1-unit size can be provided to power and communicate with all the Flexmedia XM/Quad-XM modules within the rack.

The rack can be configured with different modules and easily upgraded by replacing each Flexmedia XM module according to your specific testing requirements.

Each Quad-XM locking device is adjustable to 3 different positions depending on Quad-XM module depth.

To discover all the available rack configurations read our article here.