GMSL2TC3 | GMSL2 Multimedia Stream Programmable Generator

  • Maxim Integrated serializer over coaxial
  • Fully supported chipset functions
  • Programmable frame size, synchs & porches
  • Customizable video frame content from image files
  • Still frame and circular buffer movie modes
  • Real-time adjustable overlays
  • RGB and YCbCr selectable color spaces
  • MIPI D-PHY℠ CSI 2® support
  • Optional arbitrary audio generator
  • Bidirectional sideband communication support
  • Programmable I/O trigger
SKU: 60031144830-1


The Flexmedia XM GMSL2TC3 module is a versatile video generator based on the Maxim GMSL2 serializer.

It can be used to generate and transmit multimedia digital streams to multimedia digital receivers compatible with Maxim Integrated serializer.

The GMSL2TC3 module is ideally suited for test applications in the automotive industry:

  • Multi-camera driver assistance systems
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): LiDAR and RADAR

control interfaces tab_only cli

The multimedia data link configuration implies having detailed SerDes information/datasheets (subject to NDA) as well as application specific video formats, encodings, etc. and subsystem implementation.

As the multimedia SerDes chipset may hold complex/undisclosed features, direct access to the chipset vendor support may be required in some cases.