Know-How: What’s new in Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link?

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Know-How: What’s new in Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link?

The new GMSL3 protocol is here!

GMSL3 (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link 3) is the latest version of the GMSL interface from Analog Devices (formerly Maxim Integrated), while GMSL2 is the second generation of the same interface (if you want to learn more about GMSL2, check our previous blog article here). Here are some of the key differences and improvements between the two versions: 

  1. Bandwidth: GMSL3 offers a higher bandwidth compared to GMSL2, allowing for transmission of higher resolution video and high-speed data. GMSL3 has a higher bandwidth than GMSL2, offering up to 2x higher data rates (12 Gbps vs. 6 Gbps). 
  2. Power consumption: GMSL3 has lower power consumption compared to GMSL2, which makes it more suitable for use in automotive applications. GMSL3 consumes up to 20% less power compared to GMSL2. 
  3. Security: GMSL3 offers improved security features compared to GMSL2. It includes hardware-based encryption and decryption for secure data transmission between the transmitter and receiver. 
  4. Longer cable length: GMSL3 supports longer cable lengths than GMSL2, which enables greater flexibility in system design. GMSL3 supports cable lengths up to 15 meters for coaxial cables and up to 10 meters for STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cables, while GMSL2 supports up to 10 meters for both coaxial and STP cables. 
  5. Compatibility: GMSL3 is backward-compatible with GMSL2, which means that GMSL3 devices can communicate with GMSL2 devices.  

Overall, GMSL3 offers several improvements over GMSL2 in terms of bandwidth, power consumption, security, and cable length. These improvements make GMSL3 a better choice for high-performance automotive applications, as well as other applications that require high-speed, high-resolution video transmission with enhanced security features. 

If your application requires GMSL3 interfaces and you need to test it, check out the new Flexmedia XM GMSL3 Multimedia Stream Real-Time Analyzer GMSL3RD1 and GMSL3RC1