Analog Devices Automotive Audio Bus (A2B®) for automotive applications

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Analog Devices Automotive Audio Bus (A2B®) for automotive applications

Flexmedia XM enables Analog Devices Automotive Audio Bus (A2B®) testing since the launch of A2BFRTX2 in 2021, with a Dual ADI AD2428 Audio Generator/Analyzer. Now with the NEW A2BFRTX3 we support the ADI AD2433 A2B transceiver, recommended by Analog Devices for new designs and providing enhanced capabilities.

What is Analog Devices Automotive Audio Bus (A2B)?

A2B technology is a digital audio bus architecture specifically designed for automotive applications. Some of its key features include support for multiple channels of digital audio transmission, enabling high-quality audio playback and communication within the vehicle; low latency communication, which is crucial for real-time audio applications like in-car entertainment systems and active noise cancellation. Moreover the bus architecture provides high-bandwidth capabilities, allowing for the transmission of high-fidelity audio signals without compromising quality, and daisy-chaining of multiple audio nodes, simplifying system design and reducing wiring complexity in the vehicle.

A2B is designed to be power-efficient, helping to reduce the overall system power consumption in automotive applications, and integrates with other automotive communication networks such as Controller Area Network (CAN) and Ethernet, enabling seamless connectivity and interoperability within the vehicle’s electronic architecture.

What’s new with the ADI AD2433 transceiver?

Both ADI AD2433 and AD2428 support up to 32 bidirectional channels, enabling transmission and reception of audio and control data. Both transceivers feature integrated diagnostic capabilities, but ADI AD2433 includes enhanced capabilities for improved fault detection and system monitoring. ADI AD2433 provides increased A2B bus power, up to 15 m between nodes and up to 80 m overall cable length, while AD2428 is limited to 40 m overall.

The new A2BFRTX3 Dual ADI A2B Audio Generator/Analyzer is the ideal solution to analyze and generate audio data, according to ADI A2B specifications, for validation, R&D and production test activities.

Overall, A2B provides automotive manufacturers with a robust and reliable solution for implementing advanced audio systems in modern vehicles, offering high performance, flexibility, and scalability. And Flexmedia XM A2BFRTX3 module makes it easier for Test Engineers to validate their vehicle infotainment systems equipped with A2B technology.